What was supposed to be a routine flight for the 248 passengers on their way to Paris, France spiraled into a nightmare 7 minutes after the jet rose into the sky from Athens, Greece.

At that moment, Flight 139, an Air France Airbus A300, found itself the latest target in the Palestine Liberation organization’s endless war against Israel.

Aboard were 4 of them. 3 men and 1 woman. 2 male Palestinians, members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and male and female Germans, founding members of a radical left wing terrorist organization called Revolutionary Cells.

The objective of both was to win the release of 53 Palestinians, 40 held in Israel and 13 Held in France, Kenya Switzerland and West Germany. If the prisoners were not released at a specified time, they would execute the 94 Jewish passengers in retaliation.

With their new captains, the A300 set course for Benghazi, Libya.

Upon arriving, the jet rolled to a stop and refueling began. During this time a pregnant passenger feigned a miscarriage and managed to get released. In all, some 7 hours passed on the blistering tarmac before the plane began taxiing into takeoff position for departure to its unknown final destination.

In the following hours, news of the hijacking kept a concerned Israeli public glued to TVs and radios as the jet winged its way over a desert landscape to lush tropical forest that seemed to stretch without end. During the time the Jewish passengers were subjected to anti-Semitic rants from the female hijacker that seemed intent on making them as miserable as possible.

As the plane began descending in the darkness, the broad expanse of a freshwater lake appeared to grow before it disappeared into land and the passengers felt the gentle touchdown at a small airport deep in the African jungle, where it parked on the tarmac at 3:15 A.M. at Entebbe, Uganda.