The other day Gillette decided to get ‘woke’ and hop on the social justice parade float. It was first noticed by many on Twitter following an obligatory hashtag campaign.

“Boys will be boys?” Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at .

The tweet showcased a rather preachy commercial aimed at men, highlighting everything wrong with them. In order to avoid the ire of professional racial-grievance hustlers, all the negative male behavior shown was performed by white males and the corrections to this negative behavior were made by non-white males. As you might expect, this tweet garnered nearly 8,000 comments in just a few hours. They were overwhelmingly negative:

“Just sell some damn razors and keep your social justice stupidity out of it. Looks like it’s from now on.”

“Now I’m glad I switched to wet shaving two years ago…way to attack your customers Gillette. You fools….”

“Its the over-saturation and misandry. The portrayal of men as this. We already do respect women and each other. This add [sic] seems to imply this is the norm. It’s NOT.”

Men as a group could be forgiven for being a bit sensitive, even as they are accused of being insensitive louts. There is a lot in the media right now about how “toxic” traditional masculinity is and how “white men” are at fault for everything in society. Even the American Psychiatric Association recently came out saying traditional masculinity was some kind of mental disorder that needed to be treated by a shrink. When the traditionally masculine blasted them, the APA retreated into bizarre excuse-making about how they were misunderstood by thousands of people who all read the words wrong the exact same way. Which could happen, I guess. In a parallel universe.

Anyway, before I too got angry and set off with my horde in our Viking longship to pillage Gillette, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. I clicked the link and went to the website where they tried to mansplain the rest of this to knuckle-draggers like me. Here is the explanatory text without edits for the sake of full context. Not that it matters in this case, because there is no context you can create for this word soup.