Until August 31, we will attempt to provide our readers with a daily SITREP on Afghanistan, based on information we believe is credible, along with a brief analysis providing some measure of context.


Explosions Outside Kabul’s Airport

An explosion took place a few minutes ago today, outside Kabul’s airport. Unconfirmed reports speak of three wounded U.S. servicemembers.

The Taliban’s spokesperson said that 13 people have been killed, including “many” Taliban guards. There are also reports of foreigners among the victims.

Pentagon Press Secretary said, “We can confirm an explosion outside Kabul airport. Casualties are unclear at this time. We will provide additional details when we can.”

Shortly after the first explosion, a second occurred near Baron Hotel which is across Kabul’s airport.

Photo from the Twitter feed of Gareth Brown, correspondent for the National in Beruit.


Last Group of American Citizens Evacuated Today?

According to Jennifer Griffen at Fox News, in the last 24 hours,