Paris, France- A car rammed into a police vehicle on Paris’ Champs Élysées Avenue. The attacker’s vehicle, a Renault Megane containing a Kalashnikov firearm and what appeared to be gas canisters, was engulfed in flames after the collision. Earlier it was reported that the driver was arrested, however, AP stated the driver may have died following the incident.

A French security official says that the attacker on Champs-Elysees avenue is probably dead and the bomb squad is on the scene.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet says the driver whose car exploded as he tried to ram a police vehicle is “most probably” dead.

Brandet said bomb squads were still securing the scene. He said the attacker appeared to have acted deliberately.” – AP

The bomb squad is on scene as well. There were no other injuries related to this incident. Police have not released any information on the driver yet. More to follow as this story is still developing.

Image courtesy of AP

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