At 9 pm local time, after receiving multiple 911 calls, police evacuated and shut down LAX airport due to reports of a possible active shooter.

There were conflicting reports of where the incident occurred. Some reports claim shots were fired in terminals 7 and 8, while others state that it occurred in the baggage claim area.

The active shooter incident appears to be a false alarm. According to local news,

“The Los Angeles Fire Department also responded to the scene and tweeted that ‘no significant incident’ has been noted. Police later stated that they found no evidence of an active shooter and loud noises may have caused the situation.”

Reports of a shooting incident at LAX have been proven to be loud noises only,” the Los Angeles Police Department said about 45 minutes after the 9 p.m. reports. There was no shooting and no injuries, police told NBC News.- KCRA

This incident is very similar to the false alarm at JFK airport in which an active shooter was reported but no evidence was found. The response of the Port Authority Police was called into question during the incident at JFK.