Author’s note: The following is a mix of author-generated hypothesis and researched fact, written to provide historic and modern intelligence operations parallels.

I imagine that the conversation went something like this (with a lot of liberty taken here):

Clerk: “Sir, there is someone here to see you. He says that you are expecting him, and that he has important information about the American base, and will only speak with you.”

Officer: “Very good, show him in.”

The man is shown in, pleasantries are exchanged, and then it is down to business.

Officer: “Now, what can I do for you, good sir?”

In fact, he knew who the visitor was as soon as he walked into his office, as they had been corresponding on a friendly basis for some time. The visitor, also knowing these facts, decided to play the game.

Visitor: “I am here to offer you complete surrender of my military facility. It may take a bit of bloodletting on both sides, but I can ensure you that you will take control.”