Below comes to us from a friend who formerly worked in the Special Operations/Intelligence community, and now runs a business focused on personal security solutions. He’s the real deal, and his business has been a core sponsor of SOFREP since day one. When he explained that he was offering a new, affordable e-learning module for the average citizen I asked him to write up a short intro. The world is a dangerous place, be prepared, be a  Sheep Dog. -Brandon

These days, security concerns are at an all-time high. At the same time, most people have limited capabilities and don’t know where to turn for reliable resources or education. Most security tools at the consumer level are designed for the moment of crisis.

Learning to prevent and elude crisis is far more valuable. Unfortunately, it’s often ignored. The ability to detect a crisis and prevent being caught in the middle requires education and proactive security habits. Ideally, avoiding a crisis is the best outcome. This can only be achieved with education and training. All members of a family should have a personal security capability.

Here are three proactive security habits to get you started: