The Kurdistan Regional Government is working with the Ministry of Peshmerga and United States-led coalition to officially reform the Peshmerga into a unified fighting force, despite political differences. Acting Minister Karim Sinjari confirmed this to local media this week, saying that the 70th and 80th forces will eventually be joined with the Ministry of Peshmerga, forming a unified Kurdish military. The 70th Forces are strictly affiliated to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the 80th Forces belong to the Kurdistan Diplomatic Party (KDP), two political parties that have historically been at odds and even fought a civil war against each other.

Minister Sinjari recently spoke at an award ceremony in Erbil, claiming that no political party would be permitted to interfere with the transition. The initiative was put into effect by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and supported by the majority of officials residing in the autonomous region. Minister Sinjari stated that,

Practical steps are underway for the reunification of both the 70 and 80 unit forces of the Peshmerga ministry and the reforms program in the Peshmerga ministry has kicked off. We hope Britain continues to support the Peshmerga. The Peshmerga fought on behalf of the world and we continue this battle. We are taking advantage of the experience of countries for reform in the Peshmerga ministry. Through this program, we will reunify the Peshmerga forces.”

The British Consul General to Erbil, Martyn Warr, expressed that the reform would be a slow process but necessary nonetheless. Warr said that,