According to recent reports out of Russia, security personnel from the nation’s space agency Roscosmos have been cooperating with an FSB investigation into an apparent leak of information pertaining to their advanced hypersonic missile platforms to Western spies.

Russia and China are currently the only national militaries with hypersonic weapons in their arsenals. Hypersonic missiles travel at speeds in excess of Mach 5, making them extremely difficult to detect and intercept with existing missile defense technologies, and were developed by both nations with an eye toward countering America’s military supremacy specifically. After nearly two decades of counter-insurgency warfare, the U.S. military now finds itself lagging behind its competitors in this emerging technology — according to the Air Force, America is still two years away from even testing a hypersonic platform of their own.

However, the American effort may have received a boost from intelligence sourced from leaks originating within Russian defense contractor TsNIIMash, which develops both missile and rocket technologies for Russian defense and space endeavors.

“It was established that the leak came from TsNIIMash employees,” an unnamed source told Russia’s Kommersant daily newspaper. “A lot of heads will roll, and for sure this case won’t end just with a few dismissals.”