Editor’s Note: The following piece was shared with us by SOFREP friend and former New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS) commando Damian Porter. Be sure to read his bio at the end of the piece. –GDM


Many of you have seen or read about the playground stabbing incident in France in early June.

As a former Operator and Police Officer, I would like to offer some insights so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones better than what sadly happened last week. This is not a rant, and it’s not a preach at all. This article comes from a place of absolute kindness, empathy, love, and, more importantly- No judgment.

I think it’s a good parents’ job to keep their children safe, and I, and many of the SOFREP staff here, are fortunate enough to have been trained in dealing with violence, and it is with this that I would urge you to read on with an open mind.

Self Defence is all about Personal choice, right? No problem.

But this playground attack has brought it into the mainstream, and now you no longer get to choose and say, “That will never happen here.”