President Biden made a speech on Wednesday laying out his new crime control agenda which of course focused on punishing innocent gun owners rather than the criminals who actually commit the crimes he’s talking about. There was no commitment to fully fund police departments or ensure criminals serve their full sentences. Instead, the president engaged in some eye-roll-inducing distortions of simple facts and history.

President Biden Wants to Control Guns and Cops, Not Criminals

“If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” the president said.

This is a very common line of argument for those who advocate for the disarming of the law-abiding public. In truth, this line of argument is proof of the opposite. If the Second Amendment was intended to serve as a restraint against a powerful and despotic government, then the claim that the military could easily defeat a rebellion against it is an argument for the public to be better armed, not disarmed.

It is a bizarre statement for the president to imply the government would use nuclear weapons in response to some imagined future rebellion. During the Civil War, there were many citizens in the Southern States who remained loyal to the Union.  Some states, like Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, and West Virginia, were pretty evenly split between Secessionists and Unionists. President Lincoln was very careful to instruct his generals not to molest the property or persons of Union loyalists in the Southern States.