At this very moment, the Taliban are conducting a blitzkrieg campaign that would make Hitler proud. The gains they have made in the last week are disturbing, as the Afghan National Army (ANA) and other Afghan government security forces are incapable or unwilling to stand and fight. The ANA is simply giving territory away and the Taliban are recapturing it.

President Biden has doubled down on his statements claiming that the ANA and the Afghan government can and will defend themselves and the country. This is not only grossly inaccurate, it’s patently false. It borders on a lie that no one in the administration can possibly believe. One cannot help but wonder if President Biden is even paying attention; what is he watching?

While many people are seemingly surprised about the gains the Taliban have made in the last two weeks, many of us are not. In fact, we knew it was coming. And we’ve been saying it for years.

While President Biden clings to this naivety about Afghanistan, the situation is getting worse.

Afghanistan Is Under Siege

The site of a car bomb explosion in Kabul. (Photo by Wakil Kohsar/AFP)

As of this writing, the entire country of Afghanistan is under siege. The Taliban now control a majority of the 400+ districts in Afghanistan. Provincial capitals are failing daily, and Kabul is nearly surrounded.

In the south Kandahar has fallen and Herat has been captured in the west. The Taliban control nearly all the key cities in the country. Kabul is cut off on all sides except for the east, and the Taliban have a seemingly unstoppable momentum. Kabul is a land-locked and isolated capital. It depends on being supplied and connected to every other city in the country and to Pakistan in the east.

At the time of this writing, the Taliban have entered Kabul’s outskirts. Once they enter the capital, the game is over. Right now, it’s the fourth quarter, and it seems that this game is all but over. It’s like one of those blow-out games, in which the winning team is so far ahead that we all leave the game early and start heading to our cars to beat the rush.

The humanitarian crisis is growing by the minute. Thousands of people are fleeing the provinces and the countryside, heading to Kabul. As the Taliban are surrounding the largest city in the country, these refugees will only make the situation more desperate and direr thus increasing the stakes.