Too much government, and the political royal class in Washington D.C., have created the very same flawed policies that produce environments that further disadvantage certain Americans and drive people to criminal activity. It’s not the fault of the police or justice system that’s left to clean up their mess.

A warning to the entitled, and parents who believe “every child is a winner”, please place your fingers in your ear because you’re not going to like what I have to say. In fact, just stop reading right here.

President Obama’s recent address to the Nation about the shooting incidents in Louisiana and Minnesota was divisive and encouraged more outrage, the escalation of violence came as no surprise to me.

If there’s one thing my time in the Navy and SEAL Teams taught me, it was the difference between good and bad leadership. In all fairness to Obama, he has been great on many issues, unfortunately this is not one of those times.

Great leaders, like Winston Churchill, are able to address large groups of diverse people in a way that brings them together, united as one, as Americans. Bad leadership does the opposite.

The President exercised poor and divisive leadership with his recent speech regarding the shootings, and further divided a nation on edge, when what Americans needed was unity and healing, and good leadership.

He was also flat wrong with what the true core problem is but, I’ll get to that in a moment.

A major issue we all face as Americans, is that we’ve turned over our country to the fat entitled political lambs of Washington, and they continue to create new laws that create more problems, and glass ceilings for certain groups of Americans.