Hey SOFREP readers, some of you may be aware that I have a side project I work on: an action-adventure series about modern-day mercenaries tearing it up across the globe. I love writing these books because they allow me to do everything that I can’t do as your editor at SOFREP. My day job requires me to be diligent with facts, check every detail, and play by an ethical rulebook. With my novels, I reserve the right to do whatever I want. I just finished the draft for the fourth novel in the Deckard series, titled “Gray Matter Splatter.” I hope you enjoy it, and be warned, the characters are former SOF guys-turned-freelancers, and they talk like it, too.—Jack

Chapter 1

“I’ll tell you boys what,” the mercenary said with a knowing grin. “It smelled so bad that I almost didn’t eat it.”

The room exploded with laughter as his fellow mercenaries roared in approval.