So you’re interested in private security jobs? Then, this article will be useful to you and contain some dos and don’ts when it comes to the world of private security contracting.

Take the Application Seriously

My best friend Glen Doherty (Navy SEAL/CIA and GRS Contractor) helped me transition from the SEAL Teams to security contracting.

I applied for the job he had recommended (I signed an NDA but you can read between the lines), did my mandatory training and assessment test, and was offered a job once I passed. This made my active-duty to civilian-life transition much easier.

A SEAL Team Six guy who tested with me failed. Not because he wasn’t talented enough, but because he refused to take the test they had offered and, like Frank Sinatra famously sang, he did it his way. This teaches you to put your ego aside, study for and take the test they give you. You’re working for them, not the other way around.