“On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” Or a giant monster.

Project Kaiju is a new program by the Air Force to automate some functions of electronic warfare and defense. As aircraft and their avionics become more sophisticated, so do the defenses against them. Kaiju, a Japanese word meaning “strange beast,” and also signifying a popular genre of films and series, is the Air Force’s way of unleashing Godzilla against unsuspecting enemy air defenses.


Project Kaiju and Electronic Warfare

Most military aircraft have some form of electronic counter-measures system. These may include frequency jamming systems, chaff and flare pods, or even stealth coatings that can make an F-22 look like a marble on the radar. In basic terms, ECM systems work by taking an electromagnetic signal and manipulating it in some way. The signal may be from ground radar setups, enemy aircraft systems, or satellite guidance and targeting systems. Electronic countermeasure systems are operated by aircrew members to protect friendly forces, attack enemy electronics, or gather and analyze intelligence.