Crush Isolation

Isolation is a growing problem among veterans and first responders. Following a traumatic event, or when their active service is over, depression may set in, and there are days you don’t want to get out of bed, let alone go out and socialize with strangers. On the other hand, maybe you’re a veteran or first responder with mobility issues, and you’d like some company, but you physically have trouble getting around. Either way, isolation breeds loneliness, which can lead to significant mental and physical problems. 

Fortunately, there is a nonprofit organization out there devoted to combating this potentially crippling problem in various on and offline programs. Project Refit is dedicated to providing resources and building a community through innovative initiatives. Let’s explore what Project Refit offers for veterans and first responders alike.

Law enforcement officers enjoy some free time with the guys from Project Refit.

Why “Refit”?

Refit (verb): a restoration or repair

To “refit” in military terms is to regroup at your FOB (Forward Observation Base), clean your vehicles, restock inventory, and prepare for your next mission. It is a time to rebuild, restore and renew. Project Refit has a simple but powerful mission to combat isolation. We accomplish that mission by building a unique community program for veterans, first responders, and their families.

We are somewhat unique in that we will show up to events and places where our target audience is or wishes to be. We can even bring the healing to you via our Mobile Base! If you are a veteran who would love some company and a fireside chat brought you to the tri-state area of NJ/DE/PA, contact us. We may be able to make it happen!

Online Program: Radio Check Buddy Check-in Program

Project Refit’s online resource, the Radio Check Buddy Check-in Program, was designed to provide veterans and first responders with an easy way to check in with fellow unit members. This program helps create a sense of community for those who may be feeling isolated by allowing them to connect digitally. It also enables Project Refit staff members to monitor how participants are faring emotionally and mentally after events or deployments and provide extra support when needed.

Representing Project Refit during a Spartan race. A great way to blow off some steam!

Offline Programs: Mobile Base & Retreats

The Mobile Base is a badass truck pulling a badass trailer outfitted like a lounge, operating as a VFW on wheels. Check out the pic at the beginning of this story. Our mobile base travels nationwide, hosting events that bring together veterans and first responders from all over a sizable geographic area. The idea behind these events is to build camaraderie and foster meaningful relationships between those who have served our country in various ways.

Refit also hosts multiple retreats for veterans and first responders throughout the year. These mental health retreats focus on uniting individuals within like communities. Participants engage in activities (such as fishing or horseback riding) during the day and have fireside chats at night, where they can feel free to chat in a judgment-free atmosphere. During these retreats, attendees can talk about their individual experiences while receiving emotional support from those who understand what they have gone through—something that can be difficult, if not impossible, for many to do alone. Retreats are getting an upgrade this year, too. Stay tuned.