“Conscription (in Ukraine) stopped this year, but they are a long way from developing a small, professional army.” -American Special Forces Veteran On the Ground in Ukraine.

Recent Headlines

Kremlin accuses U.S. security firm with links to Blackwater of sending ‘private army’ to Ukraine disguised as local forces in latest escalation of anti-American rhetoric

Russia claims 150 Americans have been sent to Ukraine by a U.S. firm with historic links to Blackwater, the private security contractor which made headlines after a mass shooting in Iraq.

The Foreign Ministry in Moscow today condemned the use of a supposed private army by Greystone Ltd ‘disguised’ as local forces. Greystone, which claims it recruits from the world’s top armies and police forces, was founded in 2004 as an affiliate of Blackwater before breaking away to become a standalone firm in 2010. -UK Daily Mail

US Contractor Greystone Denies Its ‘Mercenaries’ in Ukraine

The Russian government today claimed there are more than 100 American “mercenaries” from a defense contracting company disguised as Ukrainian troops in the embattled former Soviet nation, a claim the American firm and top U.S. officials deny. –ABC News


Denials, cover stories, citizen spying, no warrant wire taps, and government propaganda leaks make it hard to sift out truth from falsehood these days. Trust in American government to tell the truth could be argued to be at an all time low.