U.S. Marine LTC Stu Scheller, the officer sent to the brig because of a video that went viral in which he demanded accountability from military leaders for the fiasco that unfolded in the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan, has been released from the brig.

In a statement, Marine Corps spokesman Captain Sam Stephenson, Training and Education Command, confirmed that Scheller was released on Tuesday “as a result of a mutual agreement between LTC Scheller, his defense counsel, and the commanding general, Training Command.”

Scheller has yet to be charged with any crime, however, just hours after his release, his lawyer said to Fox News that his Marine Corps superiors “made an example” of Scheller with their “punitive actions.”


Lawyer Calls the Gag Order on LTC Stu Scheller ‘Illegal’

LTC Stu Scheller
Marine Corps LTC Stu Scheller (DoD)

Scheller was locked up in the Navy brig for reportedly violating a gag order. In the Ingraham Angle on Fox, Scheller’s attorney, Tony Buzzbee, called the gag order illegal.

“He spoke out as you saw and he said many service members both former like myself and current believed – which is the withdrawal from Afghanistan was completely botched and no one took accountability,” Buzbee said.

“You have the general staff, the high brass, basically trying to pass the buck – and so he spoke out.”

“Here’s a guy now that has lost his command, his job, his health care, and his pension. We are talking about more than $2.5 million dollars of retirement that he is essentially going to have to walk away from,” added Buzbee.