“30% of my friends in business who could leave have left Russia and are not coming back. The others have all made preparations to move their families abroad with citizenship elsewhere.” -A prominent member of the Russian business community said to SOFREP anonymously. 

The harsh economic punishment dished out by Putin against Western business interests that took a stance on the war has painted Russia into a draconian corner that will take decades to unwind if the state doesn’t fracture like Yugoslavia into smaller independent states, a very likely scenario. 

Russia went from a country with a farly solid reputation, the host of the World Cup and the Winter Olympics, and with a flash of lightning, it became a global pariah. 

Big Western business has pulled out like food giant McDonald’s. The days of shopping for luxury Italian handbags in Moscow are over for a long time.

We’re not just talking burgers. Many global brands and multinational companies have suspended business in Russia or sold up and pulled out completely, in protest at the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

Mr Govor, a Siberian oil magnate, aims to reopen about a quarter of the 850 rebranded McDonald’s restaurants by the end of the month.

Last month McDonald’s announced that it would leave Russia because of the “humanitarian crisis” and “unpredictable operating environment” caused by the war. -BBC

Putin has also pulled up the drawbridge of internet commerce and tried to cut Russian consumers off from the international market.  They have resorted to the old ways of buying things from the West unavailable in Russian stores.  They have others buy it for them in foreign counties and mail it to them.