The Multi-functional, Agile, Remote-Controlled Robot IV, or MARCbot IV, is a portable and easy to use, light-weight – for a robot – (200lbs), reconnaissance robot that can spot explosive devices, enemy positions and danger areas, which function via a series of cameras and a controller similar to that of a Playstation.

Robots like the MARCbot can be modified with attachments to detect landmines, and pressure plates, or dig to uncover buried explosives. In the field, almost anything that can be found on the ground can be used on a robot – including weapons.

When first produced the MARCbot was sold to the Department of Defense for around $100,000, but a surplus has now lowered costs, around $10,000 per MARCbot. The price-cut has allowed for further robot usage and keeps Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and the Military safe. The MARCbot is typically used to look around corners, inspect possible explosive devices, check buildings for boobytraps, threats and perform a host of other short-range reconnaissance functions, as well as threat mitigation.