“Nick Irving has a story to tell that every American should hear. This captivating journey is about much more than just getting your hands dirty for Uncle Sam… It’s about what it means to be an American in this necessary battle against fundamental terrorism.” —Mike Ritland TRIDENT K9 WARRIORS

“I am amazed by the parallels between Nick’s life and my own. I am also deeply humbled and appreciative that we still produce men like this. I would be on his team any day.  THE REAPER is the kind of book that you have to live to write—and it’s more exciting than any thriller could be.” —Howard Wasdin SEAL Team Six

It could always be worse.

This is a picture that I’ve held onto for personal reasons and will continue to hold onto for many years. Whenever things seem to be a little tough, I refer back to my time in service as a Ranger, and especially the moment this picture was taken.