A man claiming to be 1st Sgt. Brian Camacho, a distressed Recon Marine struggling with PTSD, reached out to Military Minds, a Canadian grass roots organization dedicated to PTSD Awareness issues. Through monies donated by the Military Minds community, “Camacho” was flown from Pennsylvania to Toronto for assistance, support and to help inspire others to break the silence on this often-misunderstood disorder.

When the video was first released, it reached more than 20,000 views in two days. Several observant Marines approached Military Minds with concerns that Brian may be a fraud. Military Minds immediately took action and reported the situation to the FBI. All indications point to fraudulent criminal misrepresentation and are currently under investigation.

The SOFREP community has a lot of knowledge and experience in Special Ops related materials. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Brian’s interview on the subject of Marine Recon and PTSD.

Here is Brian Camacho’s interview with Military Minds:

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