The Red Circle Challenge is now closed to new entries. We want to thank you all for participating, and will announce the winners shortly. Stay tuned for more!



A few of the good folks at Saint Martin’s (they’ve been awesome to work with: Marc-Matt-Steve-Joe) were skeptical of how powerful the SOFREP community was.  I told them, fellas, we’ll do a million page views in April and get traffic from 164 countries globally!! AND we’re barely two months old!! They rolled their eyes at me! WTF??  So I made a little wager with them and need you to rally the damn QRF for my book The Red Circle.
Red Circle Brandon Webb

The wager? That I could sell over a 1,000 books in two days via SOFREP alone.  If every SOFREP reader bought 5 books we would crush it. They’re skeptical and I say we show them the power of the net and the SOFREP community. You in?

The Challenge: Buy as many Red Circle books as you can get your hands on

The Benefit: My new foundation, The Red Circle Foundation, will donate a dollar to the Navy SEAL Foundation for every book sold

It Pays to Be a Winner: The winner is the individual, organization or group with the most books purchased.

How to Enter The Red Circle Challenge

  1. You must ‘Like’ this post by submitting the “like” button, and share this link on Facebook and via email to at least one friend.
  2. **You MUST SUBMIT A PDF, SCANNED COPY OR SCREEN SHOT OF ALL RECEIPTS. Your receipt(s) must be dated by Wednesday, April 11 at 10pm Eastern. (eBook counts).

The winner will be the individual, organization or group with the most VERIFIED books purchased. Enter the contest and submit your receipts via the form at the bottom of this page.

Kindle and electronic delivery counts too, of course! (But don’t ask Brandon to shoot your Kindle…)

The rules are simple. Again, Like this page and share with a friend, buy lots of books and send us the receipts. (And despite rumors to the contrary, this has nothing to do with any LiveFyre points for commenting…there is no LiveFyre points contest!)


1st Place Prize: A RESCO Red Circle GMT/Date Watch ($2500 value)

This will be the only watch I give away. The watch will also be very different and (1 of 1 in the world) from the limited 215 run in this series and will include a signed poster from me and RESCO founder Rob Smith. In case you hadn’t noticed Rob is currently sold out! And the Red Circle GMT is selling out fast and we haven’t even shows what the bad mamma jamma looks like (rest assured it’s a bad ass watch).


2nd Place Prize: The BW signature knife ($500 value) coming this summer

No pics but trust me, this is one bad ass blade.

3rd Place Prize: Massif BW Anorak (reversible)

Coming in the Fall collection.

Prizes For Everyone Else who buys at least 20 books

I will personally shoot your book cover jackets (just the cover jacket) with my .300 win mag or other sniper weapon platform (or my personal HK USP compact .45 that I carried in Afghanistan) and give you the signed copy with brass shell casing.

For A Good Cause

The Red Circle Foundation (TRCF is being stood up as we speak) will be on the hook to donate a dollar to the Navy SEAL Foundation for every book sold. 10,000 books=$10,000 and I’ll cap it at $25k in case this thing gets out of hand. At least I’ll be able to afford that personally if I have to write a check to TRCF!!

The Red Circle Challenge: Winners Announced!

Read Next: The Red Circle Challenge: Winners Announced!

We have several fund raisers planned and should have no problem kicking down some major dough for the families that need it most. The SEAL foundation and others helped ALL the families that lost loved ones during the last helo crash. It’s a damn good cause and they do great things to help loved ones left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives after a SEAL gave his life for our country. There isn’t a SEAL I know who would not get on that helo all over again regardless of hindsight.

Get Started Now!

How to start this off? You have to hit the “like” button and share this link on FB and via email to a friend at least one time each.

Time starts….NOW! Get some!  Oh yeah – thank you sincerely and please help spread the word on the other blogs.

Contest Ends WED the 11th @ 10PM EST: All Receipts Must Be Submitted Here By The 11th.

Brandon out.