The Red Circle Challenge is now closed to new entries. We want to thank you all for participating, and will announce the winners shortly. Stay tuned for more!



A few of the good folks at Saint Martin’s (they’ve been awesome to work with: Marc-Matt-Steve-Joe) were skeptical of how powerful the SOFREP community was.  I told them, fellas, we’ll do a million page views in April and get traffic from 164 countries globally!! AND we’re barely two months old!! They rolled their eyes at me! WTF??  So I made a little wager with them and need you to rally the damn QRF for my book The Red Circle.
Red Circle Brandon Webb

The wager? That I could sell over a 1,000 books in two days via SOFREP alone.  If every SOFREP reader bought 5 books we would crush it. They’re skeptical and I say we show them the power of the net and the SOFREP community. You in?

The Challenge: Buy as many Red Circle books as you can get your hands on

The Benefit: My new foundation, The Red Circle Foundation, will donate a dollar to the Navy SEAL Foundation for every book sold

It Pays to Be a Winner: The winner is the individual, organization or group with the most books purchased.

How to Enter The Red Circle Challenge

  1. You must ‘Like’ this post by submitting the “like” button, and share this link on Facebook and via email to at least one friend.
  2. **You MUST SUBMIT A PDF, SCANNED COPY OR SCREEN SHOT OF ALL RECEIPTS. Your receipt(s) must be dated by Wednesday, April 11 at 10pm Eastern. (eBook counts).

The winner will be the individual, organization or group with the most VERIFIED books purchased. Enter the contest and submit your receipts via the form at the bottom of this page.

Kindle and electronic delivery counts too, of course! (But don’t ask Brandon to shoot your Kindle…)