I came across the poem below when a friend and former SEAL teammate shared it with me last week.

Dave, and I were talking about our past experiences in the Navy, and SEAL Teams, and then the conversation turned towards the small percentage in our community who let themselves be consumed by professional jealously and hatred towards former teammates. They lash out, and in the end make us all look bad.

The sad truth is that many of my friends and I have been stabbed in the back by men we considered, if not friends, professional colleagues. The SEAL community is not unlike other organizations that have their issues, remember this.

Most of my own personal haters I know, and these are guys that often times separated from the community under less than honorable conditions. This is the main reason I choose not to engage with them in any capacity, and each time I have, I’ve regretted it. Most these guys will never put their true identities behind what they say, and this fact alone should speak volumes of to their true character, and motive. The usual hater will claim to “speak for the community” and talk of guys “selling out” by writing books; books that none of them have ever taken the time to read or understand.  They know that I know their backgrounds, and they have to live with themselves, not me, and in many respects I feel sorry for them.