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And then it came: ‘CLIMB’

Absolute smooth movement was imperative in this event. Sloppy movement, believe it or not, could potentially rock or shake the aircraft, alerting the crows inside that something was going down. There was no hurry during this phase of the assault; however, the announcement of “COMPROMISE” would mean that stealth was off, and everyone would move rapidly to breach and flood the aircraft with as many marauders as possible.

Our movement onto the wings was uneventful. Once on the wing we edged slowly toward the over-wing exit, on knees and elbows crouching as low as possible under the passenger windows. A passenger window blind slid open and a beam of white light appeared on the wing just to the left of our crouching lineup. We froze. Had they heard us? Had they SEEN us? Within seconds the blind closed again.

Now we’re ready to breach. We waited in the summer dark, heads down, sweat dripping off the tip of my nose. I noted that I had curiously formed a full-scale puddle of sweat on the wing, just from the drops off of the tip of my nose. My nose had become the focal point drain to wick the sweat from my face. The puddle had begun to run down the sloping contour of the wing.