Warning, satire to follow:

The SOFREP editorial staff has heard unconfirmed reports that (name removed), a journalist, has committed suicide over his sloppy reporting regarding US Special Operations in North Korea.  He apparently hung himself and a supposed letter was left posted to his hotel room night stand that stated the following:

“I was too ashamed at my own bad reporting and could not go on living knowing that I had resorted to reporting a tabloid headline in order to attract readers attention and try and land more contract work for myself.  I’m ashamed of myself for not having enough common sense to do my homework on the Special Operations community.  I’ll admit that this is rampant in the international news media.  If I had done my research, I would have known that parachute operations into North Korea would be ridiculous from a military strategic perspective and have little return on investment. I encourage people to visit Soldier Systems.net and SOFREP.com for real information on the Military and the Special Operations community.” – (name removed)

The SOFREP staff encourages news media to use multiple credible military sources and read up on issues with regards to their military reporting in the future. After all, Special Forces is an Army term not meant for the USN, USMC, and USAF.