So here we are again boys and girls another ceasefire in Ukraine, to be honest, I knew about this yesterday but I didn’t really see the point in writing something up on it. My reason for this is in the last 2 year of me being here on and off, I have heard the word “ceasefire” so many times, it just became a joke between us. This new ceasefire agreement means nothing in my eyes and  it’s meant to take place on Monday 20th, but as always I expect the fighting will continue.

Ukrainian servicemen gather at their position on the front line near the government-held town of Avdiyivka, Ukraine, February 10, 2017. REUTERS/Oleksandr Klymenko


One of the main reasons for this is that groups sometimes operate on their own and the command structure on both sides fails to control these groups or the support what is going on. Most have been fighting for 2 plus years now and a lot of soldiers have died along that way. They cannot forgive and forget and at some points along the front, they are only 300 meters from each other! “So two days ago these dudes here killed my buddy… now we do what? Nothing? I don’t think so!”  You can’t have these people who are in such close proximity and not expect clashes or the fighting to stop. Additionally, they want the Donbass region back! It belongs to Ukraine, not Russia and for that reason alone the fighting will continue. Since I have been here, people have asked me several times, “Do you think we should hand Donbass to Russia?” Then all the lads say “Never!” Is this all for nothing? Ukraine can not go back on its word, it must continue the fight or the people will lose faith in the leadership.  

President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian authorities on Saturday to temporarily recognize civil registration documents issued in separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine, a decision strongly criticized by Ukraine’s president. The reason why this so troubling is that he pulled this stunt off in Crimea, before putting troops on the ground to protect its citizens! I fear that Russia is just waiting to pull the same tactic in the Donbass region. Maybe this ceasefire is a way to buy time and make the people of Donbass officially Russian citizens, then Putin will have all he needs to push into Ukraine and defend his people. But he also might be testing America’s stance on Ukraine.   

Image courtesy of Reuters

All I can say at this point is this ceasefire is not worth the paper it’s written on, and that if this is the best strategy the West has for Ukraine then the sooner Russia invades the better! I have said it in the past and will say it again with UN peacekeepers on the border, let Ukraine advance and take control of its own territory. Ukraine knows it will face a small insurgency but if the border is under control they will not last long in my eyes most will leave out of fear. Russia has said it will not give back Crimea, if they take Donbass they take the same stance on that too. It’s hard to believe that we live in a time where you can invade a country and annex it off without any repercussions.

I am sorry this is not a more in-depth piece as some would like it to be, but all you need to know is when you hear ceasefire in Ukraine take it with a grain of salt. I will continue to monitor the situation here in Ukraine and keeps you guys posted.

Thanks Jay

Featured image courtesy of AP