The name Resco should be familiar for many SOFREP readers, largely since the watch makers working with Brandon Webb to produce the limited edition Red Circle Resco GMT watch (sold out), but also because of their reputation as the watch made for SEALs, by a Navy SEAL.

R.E. Smith’s company was founded in 2009, and in a sea of so-called micro watch brands they have managed to garner a faithful following that includes a high number of active-duty special operators that trust Resco watches to perform downrange.

I was fortunate to acquire their R-TAC GMT (Pvd Green) watch for review, and after weeks of daily wear and tear it did not disappoint.  For those unfamiliar with the GMT function, it includes the standard hour and minutes hands for local time with the addition of a third (GMT) hand that can be used in tandem to track on a 24-hour scale.  The GMT hand can also be independently set for a different time zone, like UTC/Zulu time, or even as a rough solar compass.

My initial impression of the R-TAC after opening the watch box made by Underwater Kinetics (awesome, by the way) was that this watch is incredibly well-made and was crafted with great care.  The beauty of it is in the simplicity.  Everything on it serves a purpose and does it well.  No bells and whistles on this one.

Some may see the $1,205 price-tag (includes taxes and shipping) and scoff at the idea for a watch with Quartz movement, but the movement is not all you’re paying for.  With any Resco watch using Quartz movement, what you’re really buying is a product that is as combat-tested as you can get.  You’re also getting stunning quality that you can wear for every day carry or for formal events.  For the record, Resco offers many watches with automatic movement if that is what you’re after.

I’m typically not much of a NATO strap fan, but I like it on this watch.  If you really can’t stand the NATO strap you can pick up a thick canvas or leather strap for a great price on the Resco site, or you can use another brand if you have one available.  Although it has really grown on me with this one, I plan to primarily use Resco’s Buffalo style leather strap (pictured below).

The internal rotating bezel is a great feature and just like the rest of the watch, you can see and feel the quality.  Each adjustment of the crown is clean and crisp.  The bottom crown is used to adjust the hour hands as well as the date.  It performs as expected.

The Pvd finished case and sapphire crystal are immaculate and durable.  Pictures really don’t do it justice, but every edge and line is perfect.  I didn’t take the watch off for weeks, and the only hint of damage done was a barely visible scratch on the case from me cracking my wrist on a door handle as I walked by.  After my panic subsided, I looked down to check the watch and had to look hard to find the scratch.  Other bumps and knocks throughout that same period did no damage.

The watch profile is very thin and lightweight.  After the first day I didn’t even feel it.  Resco also got the lume just right on the R-TAC.  It is easily visible in low-light or darkness and it is easy to discern the hands.  I do want to point out that the date and internal rotating bezel numbers are not illuminated.

In addition to the storage case it came with a carrying strap that attaches to the case, along with hex wrenches for the lugbars when switching out straps.  They also included a Resco sticker and a printout of the results from pressure and vacuum testing on the watch.

Setting the watch is fairly easy, and is explained very well in this video provided by Resco using the Red Circle GMT as an example.

I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for a reliable EDC watch made and tested in the USA.  The GMT function is useful for those who travel often or rely on a 24-hour clock in different scenarios.  While you pay a premium price for this watch, you’re getting a premium product trusted by operators who only settle for what can survive the harsh environments they operate in.


R-TAC GMT Pvd Green Features:

Case 316L Stainless Steel, Pvd Black Finish

200 Meters

Matte Black Dial with C3 SuperLuminova

Movement: Swiss Quartz 515 Ronda

4.5 year standard battery life

Scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal with single inner AR (Anti Reflective) coating

22 mm Lug

44 mm Diameter

13mm Thickness

Hex Screw Lugbars

Dual Screw-down Crowns

Internal Rotating Bezel

Watch will ship on black Thin Nylon strap; strap pictured here is Canvas

Watch box and hex wrenches are included


Featured image courtesy of Resco Instruments.