You only need a cursory glance at Chuck’s biography to be awed by what he did for his country and for all of us veterans.  His widow needs some help so please consider making a donation if you can. -Jack

Charles “Chuck” Schantag was a Vietnam“combat wounded” Marine. He got the better of a NVA officer in a surprise, close quarters jungle encounter during Tet, on January 31, 1968.  In defending himself, he set off the grenades on the NVA’s belt. He was thrown quite a distance from the resulting detonation, suffering flash burns, broken bones, loss of hearing and a broken eardrum. The injuries left him with embedded shrapnel souvenirs, lifelong physical disabilities and severe PTSD after 6 months of surgeries, burn treatment and recuperation in Philadelphia Navy Hospital.

Chuck and his wife, Mary, founded the POW NETWORK, and for more than 20 years they and their team worked tirelessly to honor real US military veterans – especially POWs, making sure the history of the Vietnam POW/MIA issue was recorded. In later years, the effort was re-directed to expose those who made false claims in an attempt to usurp the honor, valor, and integrity of those who truly earned it.

On Thursday, Feb 23, 2012, Chuck died suddenly from a massive heart attack, taking him long before his time.  He is survived by his loving wife, Mary.  His death has left Mary in a financially crisis.