I’m pleased to announce that Rob Maylor will now be a contributing writer here at SOFREP.  Rob brings a wealth of experience to the table and his own unique perspective as a former SASR Soldier.

Rob served in the British Royal Marine Commandos in 40 Commando and passed selection in 1994 to go to 3 Commando Brigade’s Reconnaissance Force, the Brigade Patrol Troop.  Later he spent two years as a police officer in New Zealand before moving to Australia.  In the Australian Army he was in 3RAR, the parachute battalion and then went to SAS selection in March of 2003.  Rob also attended the LRRPs course in Brunei, worked extensively with US SOF, and deployed to East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  He has been a sniper for 18 years.

He is also the author of the new book, Sniper Elite: