It is that time of the year again. “Free Pineland” flags will be flying all over large areas of North Carolina. Several county sheriff’s departments are advising citizens that they will see “unusual military activity” during the next few weeks and should not be alarmed. 

The U.S. Army’s JFK Special Warfare Center is conducting “Robin Sage,” the final unconventional warfare exercise that all prospective Special Forces must pass before being awarded the Green Beret at the end of their training pipeline. 

Robin Sage puts all of the training the prospective Special Forces students have learned to the test. It takes place in the fictitious country of Pineland, located across 21 counties of North Carolina.

According to the scenario, the former government of Pineland was friendly to the United States. Yet, it was overthrown in a coup. The scenario takes place following the coup that deposed the legitimate government. The Special Forces students will have to work with an eclectic mix of role-players and soft-skill MOS soldiers to raise and train a guerrilla force that will fight the enemy government troops and attempt to restore the true Pineland government. The Special Forces students will teach the guerrillas the basics of patrolling, raids and ambushes, communications, and medical training.