In the high-stakes game of international intrigue, the continuous rogue moves from Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of Russia’s Wagner Group, are sure to send shockwaves through the Kremlin.

This man is no simple “chef” or head mercenary. He’s the concrete boots on the feet of Putin’s covert foreign policy, stomping from Syria to the Central African Republic. The fact that he is operating rogue, it’s not just a wrench in the gears – it’s a hand grenade in a Russian powder keg.

Prigozhin very angry
Prigozhin could probably benefit from a few anger management classes.

Consider the implications for the man in charge, comrade Vladimir Putin. With Prigozhin running off-script, Putin loses a strategic asset, a shadowy figurehead for his off-the-books operations. With that level of unpredictability, the Kremlin turns into less of a political powerhouse and more of a rabid bear wrestling a greased pig – entertaining, sure, but not something you’d want to be part of.

This is sure to give the Ukrainians an edge in the murky war with Russia.