In July of 1947, something fell from the sky and crash landed in Mack Brazel’s ranch, just northwest of Roswell, New Mexico.  According to the official story, it was an experimental weather balloon.  If you listen to the long list of conspiracy theories surrounding the event, it was a spaceship from another world, crewed by a species of small, large eyed, interstellar travelers; and according to investigative journalist and author Annie Jacobsen, that’s just what the Soviets wanted you to think.

Annie Jacobsen isn’t just another crackpot conspiracy theorist.  Jacobsen is a Princeton educated journalist who served as a contributing editor for The Los Angeles Times and was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer prize.  Within the UFO community, these credentials make her stand out, but then, Jacobsen doesn’t consider herself to be a member of the UFO community, even if her work has gained quite a bit of attention from within it.

In her book, “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,” Jacobsen posits that the infamous UFO that crashed on that fateful day in 1947 did not come from another planet, but rather from the dark recesses of Joseph Stalin’s mind.  Per Jacobsen’s book, Stalin used Nazi technology and may have even received assistance from Josef Mengele himself, to subject the people of the United States to one of the longest standing and effective misinformation campaigns in the history of modern warfare.

Jacobsen claims to have interviewed a number of former government employees that served in various functions at the facility popular culture refers to as “Area 51” in Nevada.  Area 51 has appeared in numerous movies, books and television shows as America’s alien playground: where UFOs and little green men run rampant and the X-Files is more than just a revived Fox series.  The reality of the facility, of course, is a bit less exotic.  Area 51, located in the dry lake bed of Groom Lake, provided the United States with a remote and secure testing facility for groundbreaking aviation advances like the U2 spy plane, the F117 Stealth Fighter, and the A-12 Oxcart which would eventually become the SR-71 Blackbird.