Bruce Klingner, the former chief of the CIA Korea division, recently returned from Seoul, and has expressed that South Korean leadership is increasingly concerned about the possibility of the United States launching a limited “bloody nose” strike against North Korea.

“Seoul has very strong concerns about the potential for a U.S. ‘preventive attack’ on North Korea,” Klinger told NBC.

“Some are suggesting that the U.S. is thinking of hitting two or three targets, and that North Korea would likely respond proportionately,” Klingner said. “Not the all-out artillery barrage on Seoul.”

There have been multiple leaks from within the Trump administration that support that idea that the American president has been considering a limited strike against North Korean assets in order to demonstrate America’sAmerica’sAmerica’s dedication to a denuclearized Korean peninsula and push back against a steady stream of aggressive rhetoric coming from Kim’s regime. There have no formal affirmations of these claims, however, though President Trump and a number of other officials have repeatedly stated that “nothing” is off the table when it comes to dealing with Kim Jong Un.