Russia conducted massive airstrikes in the northwest part of Idlib as the shaky ceasefire, which has been in place between the Assad regime, Russia, and the Turkish-backed rebels, appears to be falling apart. 

The Russians hit a training camp of the Islamist group Faylaq al-Shamthe which is the largest of the Turkish-backed militias. The strike took place around Jabal al-Dawila in the Harem region northwest of Idlib city nearly nine km from the Turkish border.

The death toll was initially reported to be more than 50. However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a U.K.-based watchdog on the Syrian civil war puts the latest death toll at 78. And with over 100 more wounded, many seriously, that number is expected to rise. The camp was due to graduate the latest group of fighters soon.

The targeted area also hosts refugee camps for people displaced by the fighting and a headquarters for the rebel Al-Sham Corps that is backed by Turkey. No casualties were suffered in these quarters.