The “2017 International Army Games” a military-skills competition between nations that includes tank gunnery, obstacle courses, and other military-focused tasks, is now underway overseas.

An annual competition for the last few years, it is designed to build the spirit of cooperation through friendly competition. Last year’s competition included 3,000 military personnel from 20 countries. But one look at the list of competitors and you can see something is a little, off. This year, 28 countries are participating, including Russia, China, Serbia, India, Mongolia, Uganda, Armenia, Laos, Iran and Venezuela; nations without particularly good relationships with the West. Similar competitions have been held by North Korea.

Various events will be hosted by Russia, China, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, but the primary public spectacle each year is the Tank Biathlon held in Russia. Competing tank crews must negotiate a course of varying terrain, quickly, while maintaining accurate engagements against a set number of targets. Perhaps not surprisingly, Russian tank crews have swept the gold medal every year the competition has been held, and are in the lead now.