In Severodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine, a member of the Ukrainian armed forces was captured by Russian forces. They bound his hands behind his back with a zip-tie and attempted to strip him of his pants.  When he resisted, they stomped him in the face while he was on the ground, rendering him unconscious.  Then, one of the Russian soldiers armed with a green retractable box cutter used it to castrate him. He was careful to use a plastic bag to prevent getting any blood on his hands. Absent immediate medical treatment, the Ukrainian soldier likely died from blood loss.

The video of the war crime was then posted to the social media platform Telegram where it received a large number of positive comments.

The perpetrator appears to be a Kalmyk, which is an ethnic Mongolian minority living mostly in Russia.  His face is badly scarred on the left side, displacing his nose, with disfigurement of both his left eye and the left side of his mouth.

He appears in military kit fairly standard to Russian soldiers and is armed with a Dragunov SVD.