The Putin Youth Forum in the city of Yaroslavl, Russia was meant to garner headlines this week by showing off the most advanced robotics Russia had to offer, and for a minute there, it really seemed like what Russia had to offer was something incredible. As the humanoid-shaped robot named “Boris” took to the stage, demonstrating the capability to walk, interact, and even dance unassisted, it seemed like Russia might really have something to brag about…

…That is, until it was revealed that their advanced robot was nothing more than a guy in a costume that literally anyone with a spare $3,700 lying around could buy. Even some of the reporters were apparently skeptical as Boris the robot answered questions and seemed to exhibit a level of sophistication not seen in any of the advanced robots being fielded by power houses of the industry like Boston Dynamics. Of course, maybe some of that skepticism came from being able to see the guy’s neck through the costume when he moved in certain ways.

Maybe’s it’s just a meat-powered robot. (Russian State Television)

It wasn’t long before “Boris” was outed on social media for being a costume called “Alyosha the Robot” that’s sold by a company named Show Robots. Not quite the Kremlin’s crown jewel that the show’s organizers had hoped.