Tank factory 103 in Chita Russia is said to be “modernizing” 800 T-62 tanks over the next 3 years.

A local Russian news station in Chita Russia posted a video on YouTube, stating that Duma member Andrei Gurulev had visited the plant where the modernization effort would take place,

“Returned to Zabaykalsky Krai, where I inspected the 103rd Armored Repair Plant in Atamanovka, near Chita. The plant is fully set with contracts for the next 3 years; [they will be making] 800 tanks during this time — it’s a very large order. The plant works in two shifts, is ready to work in three, and we must help with this,” said Gurulev.

The video of the plant suggests its own equipment could use some modernizing of its own. Most of the high-tech gear looks more than 20 years old.