Two weeks ago I wrote an article titled, “SHOT Show Day 3: Faraday Defense Bags to Machine Gun Guitar Cases.” In that article, I highlighted a couple brands that I found most compelling while in Las Vegas covering the 2022 SHOT Show. One of those brands was Savior Equipment. When I first saw the Savior Equipment booth at SHOT, I was immediately impressed with the quality, function and design of their weapon cases. Beyond their look and feel, though, I didn’t know much else about the company.

Now that I’ve gotten my hands on a couple different models of their rifle/shotgun cases, I can honestly say that I’m more impressed now with their cases than I was at that first sight.

According to its website, Savior Equipment is a gun case brand determined to make high-quality cases for prices that remain affordable for the vast majority of gun owners. According to Chris, its founder, “all hard-working Americans deserve a better quality product backed by the best service without sacrificing their valuable time and energy.” With that information in mind, Savior Equipment was created.

One of the things that stood out most to me about the cases was their design. Upon first seeing them, I just assumed that I was looking at $350 bags; and honestly, I almost wrote them off. I didn’t yet know about Savior’s mission or its product and trust me when I say that I am thrilled that I was wrong. Another feature I noticed was the variety of colors and designs they offer. They had camouflage of all colors: white, urban warfare gray, dark FTE, and of course, black. They also had a case they call the “Ultimate Guitar Case.” It was super unique and is a great “hidden in plain sight” case. I think I will add that case to my collection sooner than later.