Two weeks ago I wrote an article titled, “SHOT Show Day 3: Faraday Defense Bags to Machine Gun Guitar Cases.” In that article, I highlighted a couple brands that I found most compelling while in Las Vegas covering the 2022 SHOT Show. One of those brands was Savior Equipment. When I first saw the Savior Equipment booth at SHOT, I was immediately impressed with the quality, function and design of their weapon cases. Beyond their look and feel, though, I didn’t know much else about the company.

Now that I’ve gotten my hands on a couple different models of their rifle/shotgun cases, I can honestly say that I’m more impressed now with their cases than I was at that first sight.

According to its website, Savior Equipment is a gun case brand determined to make high-quality cases for prices that remain affordable for the vast majority of gun owners. According to Chris, its founder, “all hard-working Americans deserve a better quality product backed by the best service without sacrificing their valuable time and energy.” With that information in mind, Savior Equipment was created.

One of the things that stood out most to me about the cases was their design. Upon first seeing them, I just assumed that I was looking at $350 bags; and honestly, I almost wrote them off. I didn’t yet know about Savior’s mission or its product and trust me when I say that I am thrilled that I was wrong. Another feature I noticed was the variety of colors and designs they offer. They had camouflage of all colors: white, urban warfare gray, dark FTE, and of course, black. They also had a case they call the “Ultimate Guitar Case.” It was super unique and is a great “hidden in plain sight” case. I think I will add that case to my collection sooner than later.

Savior Equipment’s fully customizable “Ultimate Guitar Case.” (Author photo from SHOT Show 2022)

While the “Ultimate Guitar Case” is a super unique covert case and one I’d like to add to my collection; for this specific review, I’ll be checking out the Specialist 42″ Double Rifle Case and the Specialist Covert 34″ Single Rifle Case.

Shipping and Product Packaging

I’ll start first with the quickness of shipping and the way in which the cases arrived to my doorstep. I received the cases right at a week after I ordered them, even though our mail service was disrupted for 3 days courtesy of the huge snowstorm that passed through the midwest this week. Despite that delay, I still had my hands on the cases within 7 days. To me, that is impressive; especially since I saw that they shipped from California and essentially chased that snowstorm across the western United States. Shipping expedience definitely gets an “A.”

Stout boxes thoroughly taped together (top is open from the author looking inside prior to taking the photo). Also accompanying the boxes in the photo is the snow that briefly delayed their delivery! (Author photo)

Secondly, the packaging was sturdy and arrived in one piece. The heavy-duty polyester cases were housed in thick plastic wrap inside solidly built cardboard boxes. Additionally, the boxes were taped together with a significant amount of packing tape so the order wouldn’t be separated. I thought this was a nice touch with the number of times in my life that I’ve had a two-box shipment sent, only to receive the two packages a week apart after one is lost in transit. Overall, I thought that was cool. I don’t recall ever receiving multiple-box orders taped together. That said, when I say taped together, I mean they were TAPED. As in, bring a knife. To me, that is a major plus, though; not at all a negative.

Unpacking and First Reaction

Specialist Covert 34″ Case with front-of-case storage and MOLLE attachments shown. (Savior Equipment)

After cutting the cases free from their incredibly safe cardboard and plastic womb, I was impressed with the thickness and weight of each of them. When I say weight, it isn’t that the cases are what I’d label “heavy,” rather that the cases feel sufficient to protect the precious items I plan to place within. I have a number of long-gun cases that I’ve used for years as a police officer and they tend to be light, flimsy and overly flexible. While we know that with all things ounces equal pounds and pounds suck to carry, I think Savior Equipment has found a happy medium between the protection of a hard case and the weight of a soft-shell case. I truly believe that I could drop a fully-loaded Savior Equipment case onto the concrete and not be scared to look at the carnage afterwards. The case is definitely stout enough for me to feel comfortable putting pricey items within, but light enough to carry without needing an impromptu massage afterwards.

One other unique thing I noticed just as I was about to discard the boxes was that on the inside of the cardboard boxes there are a number of different printed range targets. I thought this was a fun feature and it just shows how they really do go the extra step in their attention to detail.

Savior Equipment Box Targets.

Materials and Features

Both of the cases I tested are made with a 600D Polyester shell, along with synthetic rubber and a Ripstop exterior.

Specialist 42″ Double Case. (Savior Equipment)

The Specialist 42″ Double Case also boasts the following features:

  • Rigid Hook & Loop Lockdown Straps
  • MOLLE Strip w/ Adjustable Hook & Loop Straps
  • Full Length Removable Padded Divider
  • 4 Padded Pistol Sleeves
  • 2 Zippered Mesh Pockets
  • Hideable Padded Backpack Straps & Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Specialist Covert 34″ Case. (Savior Equipment)

The Specialist Covert 34″ Case boasts:

  • Padded Single Rifle Compartment
  • Hook & Loop LCM Panel for Custom Configuration
  • Full Length Removable Padded Divider
  • Exterior Accessory Pockets
  • Concealed Pocket (with Loop Panel for Holster)
  • Hideable Padded Backpack Straps

Usability and Storage Options

Quick-access front pocket on the Specialist Covert 34″ Case. (Savior Equipment)

One feature I think I’ll really appreciate as I use the Specialist Covert 34″ case more is its ability to blend in as something other than a “gun” case when in public. If you live in an apartment complex, for example, and you find yourself having to carry your weapon through a public space, this case is a Godsend. To me, the case looks like a cross between a violin case and an “adventure” type of backpack. Personally, I think I’m going to throw some Patagonia, NorthFace, Mountain Hardwear, Salomon and Kuhl patches on the outside and let people just assume that I love hitting the trails. No one needs to know that it is actually a rifle on your back!

Specialist Covert 34″ Case interior view. (Savior Equipment)

Some of the features I like best about the Specialist 42″ Double are the removable padded divider that allows the case to safely house two long-guns when inserted, and the massive amount of storage options available within the case. One could easily put 4 handguns and two rifles in this case – each in their own individual pouches. Beyond that, there are enough additional pockets to easily house ample ammunition for each of the weapons you could carry. Somehow, everywhere I look on this case I find more storage pockets or MOLLE attachments. It is fantastic.

Specialist 42″ Double Case interior view. (Savior Equipment)

Another key feature both bags have is backpack straps. The straps can be hidden away when not in use, but after loading the cases up and putting them on my back I don’t know why you’d ever carry it differently than that. If you already have a backpack on or just prefer not to wear it as a backpack, you can also sling the case or carry it on your shoulder. The straps are comfortable and well-padded and there is a chest strap across the front to more evenly distribute the weight across more of your upper body. I wore the case around for approximately 20 minutes while just doing random tasks around the house and I actually forgot for a minute that I was wearing it. It seamlessly hugged my back and in that timeframe I felt no hot spots or uncomfortable areas. Overall, the backpack straps are a great feature.

Specialist Covert 34″ Case backpack straps. (Savior Equipment)

Final Thoughts

Whether you appreciate quality, price, function or design; Savior Equipment cases are for you. They are stout enough to be protective, but light enough to carry on your back without pain. And, Savior Equipment’s mission just seals the deal for me. Too many times in my past I’ve purchased expensive cases because of a brand name or because of one specific feature they espouse. In this case – pun intended – I feel like I no longer have to choose between whether I’m going to buy a good case or whether I’m going to buy an affordable one. Well done Savior Equipment. You have a new customer in me.

The “Ultimate Guitar Case.” (Savior Equipment)