Day 3 of the SHOT Show continued much as the first two did. The moment the doors opened I hustled in to get some one-on-one time with some of the distributors and owners before their booths were flooded with tens of thousands of curious show-goers. I should add that despite there being literally tens of thousands of people floating around everywhere I went for the past few days, I never once had or even saw a negative interaction with anyone in attendance.

“An Armed Society is a Polite Society” -Robert A. Heinlein

There is an interesting dynamic present when a decent portion of people in a space can handle themselves. Generally speaking, it tends to be a more polite crowd. I think that is the case for a couple of reasons; one is that many of the men and women attending the show were veterans or are still active duty military and there is a level of respect that exists between service members, despite the fact that non-stop jovial bantering about who is better always pops up. Another reason is that everyone knows that they have a decent chance of getting hurt if a physical altercation occurs…even if they “win” the fight. A third reason I think most everyone who attends shows like SHOT is respectful to one another is that no one really knows who anyone else is. You may see a yoked guy who is 6’4″ tall who never served in the military and never trained to fight, but the smaller guy who you just walked past without notice is a Delta savage and the actual person you should respect. The general public is often more intimidated by someone who is yoked, but in my experience, those are rarely the people you need to watch out for. There are obvious exceptions to this such as UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou who can put you into forever sleep with a simple uppercut, but in my experience men like that are more the exception than the norm.

SOFREP Editor In Chief Sean Spoonts and I came across untold Tier 1 guys during the week and rarely can you say they look much different than the rest of the crowd; they just are incredible at their craft. We spoke to Delta guys and SEALs and for those of you who never have spent time with these men, they look just like the rest of us; they just happen to be incredible in some – or many – aspects of life.

Another thing I discovered about some of the Tier 1 guys that I hadn’t put together before this week is that these guys are prolific learners and most of them have more motivation to succeed than any 3 college business majors combined. One of the SEALs we spoke with talked about his upcoming business idea, the current (multiple) jobs he works, and the past things he’s worked on; both for charity and an income. The guy had more ideas in an hour than most have in a decade. That is a theme with these guys. They always want to be better. More of us should take on that characteristic.