I had an electronic pistol box for quick access to my primary home defense pistol for almost two years. The day came when the batteries died and I went to grab the 9-volt battery to “jump-start” it.  It was at that point I discovered the pistol box was designed to revert to the default factory code when the battery died.  In the two-year span, I had forgotten the original code and reached out to the maker for help.  Fortunately, I was eventually able to get the code and regain access to the secured pistol.

Here is the problem – sure that safe worked (until that point) and was affordable at less than $100, but if I had needed that pistol for an emergency in that span of time I would have been out of luck.  This led me to immediately seek out a mechanical locking pistol safe – no batteries and no keys.  Keys can be lost or duplicated and are cumbersome when trying to get quick access, and batteries have their own issues that I outlined above.

TitanVault’s Titan Gun Safe offers everything I want in a safe – a patented mechanical locking function, fast and safe access to any variety of handguns, and can be mounted virtually anywhere.  To review, I’ll focus on different mounting, pistol, and feature options.

The safe features two universal mounts – one specifically for a bed frame and the other for all other uses.  I also acquired Titan’s ammo box, which is an optional attachment for when the magazine needs to be stored separately from the firearm.  Construction is very well done, and all components feel sturdy and secure.  The fixed carry handle is low profile and out of the way yet comfortable when needed.

Instructions were very thorough for installation tips, mounting procedures, functions, code changes, and troubleshooting.  My only criticism would be that they were a little overwhelming.  Particularly with the process of changing the factory code.  Still, even this jarhead got it right on the first try.  With that out of the way, everything else seemed easy.

The buttons and knob make it incredibly easy to access the pistol.  There are more than 2000 different combinations to choose from, and with only a few practice runs I am very comfortable opening it.  I had no trouble finding the buttons in the dark after some additional practice.  There are no backlights or anything, so be mindful that it is up to you to become proficient with it.

The holster is extended toward you upon opening the safe door by using a pivot arm, and it holds virtually any revolver or pistol.  I tested it with a Ruger American 9mm full size pistol and with a compact Sig P320 RX with a mounted flashlight.  Both weapons were held tight by the holster and fit perfectly in the box.  There is a trigger guard that can be removed from the holster to accommodate larger pistols.  By default, the holster includes Velcro straps but they can be removed.  I would recommend removing them unless you have the box in a vehicle where heavy off-road use may be a concern.