I had an electronic pistol box for quick access to my primary home defense pistol for almost two years. The day came when the batteries died and I went to grab the 9-volt battery to “jump-start” it.  It was at that point I discovered the pistol box was designed to revert to the default factory code when the battery died.  In the two-year span, I had forgotten the original code and reached out to the maker for help.  Fortunately, I was eventually able to get the code and regain access to the secured pistol.

Here is the problem – sure that safe worked (until that point) and was affordable at less than $100, but if I had needed that pistol for an emergency in that span of time I would have been out of luck.  This led me to immediately seek out a mechanical locking pistol safe – no batteries and no keys.  Keys can be lost or duplicated and are cumbersome when trying to get quick access, and batteries have their own issues that I outlined above.

TitanVault’s Titan Gun Safe offers everything I want in a safe – a patented mechanical locking function, fast and safe access to any variety of handguns, and can be mounted virtually anywhere.  To review, I’ll focus on different mounting, pistol, and feature options.