You guys should know the drill by now: You have twelve hours to submit your answers to the following questions via the Comms Check page; Answers can be found on SOFREP and the Loadout Room. The top three finishers will have their pick from the following list of prizes in the same order in which they finish.

Have fun!

After talking with Brandon, we decided we’re going to up the ante and add to this list of prizes. The clock re-starts now!


GoPro Camera (used as a test model, but brand new and in perfect working condition with all parts/pieces)

A BW Massif Jacket

S.O.E Riggers belt

A pair of Wiley X Black Ops Glasses

A copy of 21st Century Sniper signed by Brandon Webb

A copy of April 2012 Maxim Magazine signed by Brandon Webb

1. What’s the reason behind the statement that while on the teams, “if everyone’s nice to you, you’re f*cked”?
2. What does Bravo 2 say is important for you to do with your pistol?
3. Name one of Jack Murphy’s Laws of Last Resorts.
4. What was Chris Kyle’s career before the SEALs?

5. Who is SOFREP’s newest team member?

6. What terrorist group does Brandon say makes “Al Qaeda look like girl scouts”?

7. What were 16 teams lost to in 2011’s Best Ranger Competition?

8. What does Destinee think is the most well balanced 9mm out of the three she compared in her Pocket Rockets video?

9. According to Jack Murphy, what is the newest tool coming to combat troops?

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10. What major magazine did Brandon recently have an article in?

11. What do they call a A SEAL student that drowns and dies in training?

12. What does Ed Ramsey say is comparable to doing 15 minutes of squats?

13. What was America’s most dedicated attempt to retrieve its men captured during the Vietnam war?

14. What is unique about deployment familiarization training (DFT) for Marine Special Operations Company?

15. What did Chris Osman get as a reward for being first out of the water, when Brandon really knew he was first out because he was about to try to quit?

16. What should you do when bitten by an attack dog?

17. How many Medal of Honor recipients have there been since USSOCOM was formed?

18. Who is the host of Inside the Team Room?