Thanks everyone, the offer is now over. We sent the list of HUNDREDS of SOFREP readers to Scott, so stand by for updates to your Amazon reading lists.


As a thank you to the SOFREP family for everything they have done for me, and for our country, I will be giving away 100+ free Kindle additions of The Degüello to the members of the SOFREP community on the 4th of July.

Just give SOFREP your email address in the form below by the 4th of July and we’ll gift you one.


We will NOT be keeping the email addresses for any reason other than the free kindle version. No email spam will come of this giveaway, this is a promotion only and then the list will be deleted.

Sorry, no Nook or iBooks on this promotion, Kindle versions only. You don’t even need a Kindle, you can put the Kindle Reader app on your phone or laptop computer for free and read the book.

We ask nothing in return except maybe a quick review on Amazon if you enjoy the story. Just a simple ‘thank you’ to all of you for supporting this amazing site and this amazing Country on its Birthday.