The second debate is over, and it was like staring at the sun. That debate was ugly. There’s too much to say. I’m not sure where to begin. Overall, it was entertaining. The opening speeches were OK, not great, almost eerily tame. They both knew this was going to turn into a geriatric boxing match. It turned ugly very quickly once Trump’s recent controversial comments came up.

They didn’t shake hands. It’s been noted by many and felt by most that a level of civility has left our culture. That became evident as the debate raged on. This week we as a people have infected ourselves with Trump’s statements. Trump’s ‘grab the P’ tape has interested everyone, not because of political reasons, but because we’re easily distracted. In fact, it seems like distractions are wanted.

The emails came up once again – and that’s fine – but it’s sad there hasn’t been a press conference by the Clinton campaign to answer the question from the media fully. It adds to the drama and theatre of the debate. In the positive news, there was a decent discussion on Obamacare and some more detailed discussions on taxes. But, bear in mind the bar is low on policy detail this election cycle.

“Because you’d be in jail,” Trump said to Clinton. I knew he had to come out swinging and he did. In this debate, Trump kept on his message. He played his cards as he intended to. He kept hold long enough to make sure each card touched the table in a row promptly. That might be an overstatement, but I feel like he was boxing in there, not just flailing and sniffing. That is to say, he didn’t lose his mind, and it seems, had an idea what he wanted to do. Trump quotes things, brought stuff up, and tried to use facts and observations. The last debate I just felt like he went down weird tangents and it seldom made sense to me.