SOFREP Mafia, we recently updated the website and added SSL so you now have a secure connection to the website. We’re doing our best to keep those commie hacker fuckers at bay!

I wanted to let you know about this update because I see that some of you are experiencing security warnings in the forums and maybe in other places within Team Room. We still have a few tweaks to make over the weekend to reduce mixed SSL messages, but there are a few things you can do to reduce or eliminate these warnings.

1. Browsers: We love Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The latest version of IE should be fine but you should always feel free try a different browser. You may need to play with browser settings to prevent the mixed SSL messages.

2. You can post YouTube videos with the HTTPS option selected:

The HTTPS option in YouTube



3. Flash warnings? No idea.

4. In general, keep your systems updated with the lastest OS and patches and you should be ok.

On Team Room security in general, you should always use a good password. I like the PC Tools Password Generator – I use it every single day to create new passwords using the settings below:

Password Generator Settings



and all of my passwords look something like: prE2r6suFraBruspu_rub8f2e

I’ll have more on security best-practices coming soon. We recommend that you keep your personal contact info private. If you want to share your details with other Team Room members, you can always use the PM feature in the Forums, but don’t put your contact info out in the open for everyone to enjoy.  And of course, your membership is for your individual use, and not to be shared with friends, family, terrorists or commies.

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Remember, your security is our security. One team, one fight!

Stay Secure


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– Charlie