We always get good questions about how to pass some of the various selection courses. And while certain things will be looked at differently, many of the key attributes are going to be the same in the successful candidate in any course regardless of the branch or unit. 

For today’s purpose, I’ll talk about SFAS because I worked there for a time and had to go through it as an already tabbed SF guy when they first started it up. So, I can speak to how difficult it is, especially so when you’re already qualified. 

In nearly every event you’ll go through in SFAS, you’ll be wearing a rucksack. And with many of the events, the amount of extra weight that you’ll be tasked to carry in some of the events will just be added to an already full rucksack. 

So rucking, and specifically being able to carry a ton of weight on your back and being able to function when you get to your next location is key. Rucking is involved in nearly every gradable exercise in one form or another and is the Selection candidate’s primary mode of transportation. It is also used as a discriminatory tool and those who can’t ruck to the standards, which are very high, will wear a long face. 

A while back on our sister site SpecialOperations.com, I wrote that I look upon rucking just like any perishable skill in SOF. And a lot like shooting, it is one skill that requires a lot of practice and constant repetition to master. It begins with a proper mindset. When I wear a rucksack, I think back to the film, “The Man in the Iron Mask.” In it, King Louis XIV finds out that he has a twin. He imprisons him and forces him to wear an iron mask so that no one will realize there are two heirs to the throne. “Wear it until you love it,” Louis says… Sagacious advice

Like anything else, we can give you advice and the benefit of our own experiences. Most of the advice you’ll get from former SF guys, Rangers, SEALs, etc. is spot on. But remember one thing. This is what worked for us. You may find a way of doing things that is slightly different. But the bottom line is this: 

You have to find what works best for you. All that we’re doing here is just giving you the benefits of our own experiences and hopefully, you’ll find our advice here valuable. No one has “The Method” that works for everyone as we’re all different. But what you’ll see here has been tried and true for several thousand SF guys that came before us, and will be in use long after we’re turned to dust. 

Foot Care and Boots: 

We’ve mentioned foot care is several different articles, but nothing will stop a candidate’s Selection course shorter than having his feet go south on him. That alone will sink a candidate faster than a speeding bullet.