A more effective rifle makes a more effective rifleman. Seeing as how the U.S. Army has decided against fielding a new service rifle, anyone deploying with the U.S. Military is going to have to make do with what they have. While special operations troops often have leeway as to what they use and access to the best Gucci gear, the average grunt is on their own if they want to improve the function of their weapon, as they may have cause to use it. This is the first piece in a series of modifications to the M-4 and M-16 service rifle. These mods take less than five minutes to install and cost less than $100 a piece. Should a hyper-attentive officer get upset by a weapon not appearing the same as all the others … they can be removed without leaving a scratch.

During my time as a rifleman, I saw a great deal of modifications added to the average M4 or M16. During that time, the usual modifications consisted of a polymer magazine or two that were fairly new, magazine couplers, or possibly bi-pods. The best of these were Magpul’s PMAGs, which with their durability and reliability, eventually worked their way into service. The worst was the Beta C-Mag two-sided 100 round drum. It was expensive, big, bulky, malfunctioned often, and made the weapon decidedly heavier.

Anymore, the question of magazines is essentially over before it starts. Magpul has been accepted by the U.S. Military all around, and has since produced additional 40 round magazines and 60 round drums. While Surefire has produced some high-capacity magazines, it’s not worth bumping into the chain of command or an errant officer who may get stupid over it.