Well, it’s that time of the month again.  While most military units will share in most of these sayings, these do come straight from TEAM guys’ mouths.

  1. A SEAL trainee sticking out amongst the group (in a bad way). “Hey you! Why are you sticking out like a set of dogs balls?!” Altnernate: “He’s sticking out like a shiny diamond in a goats ass” -SEAL Instructor
  2. Recent sniper training trip to Coalinga, CA: At breakfast the morning after a night at the local bar. UNK Senior Chief’s answer when asked about the quality of women at the bar. “Well….., most of those young ladies could have tried out and probably gotten a role in that Lord of The Rings movie” (NOT the Elf girls…more like the Orcs)….
  3. On a trip to Thailand. ST3 Hotel Platoon member:  “Guys, you’ll never believe what that girl over there let me do to her!” Eric: “Which one?” Upon learning which one, Eric informed him that “her” was a “he”. Hotel Platoon member was never the same and forever known as a “Man fucker”…..apparently to this day he claims it doesn’t count if you think it’s a girl…..
  4. In regards to a morning muster fuck story. “That dirty girl let me play three holes of golf on her!”-SEAL of your pick.
  5. Drunken SEAL lyrics…..“Come to me….your breath smells like come to me…..why won’t you come with me….” -The Rat This song is usually followed by a night alone.
  6. A SEAL Atheist upon combat zone plane departure . As the plane is taking off he unbuckles, stands up with hands raised into the air and yells in a sermon-like voice “If God exists this plane will crash into the ground!” Needless to say this made most guys very nervous…
  7. A SEAL student that drowns and dies in training (it happens from time to time): “Looks like we got another non-verbal DOR (Drop on Request)”-SEAL Instructor
  8. A JAG officer interrogating a SEAL as to what an enemy (in Iraq) was doing in the room of a house where several enemy were KIA. SEAL’s answer to “What was he doing?”: “Getting shot…..”.  Apparently the case was closed.
  9. When a fellow SEAL passes gas. “It smells like fresh baked bread in here!”
  10. A SEAL that came out of his hotel room suite, after hooking up with a girl on her period, and greeted a fellow SEAL who soon replied. “What the fuck is on your face, you look like a wolf that just pulled his head out of a bloody deer carcass.”

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